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Azure Jane Lunatic

Dinner fun!

The four of us piled into Coco's a mere 20 minutes before they closed. We're regulars now, so we barely got away with it with good grace. easalle graciously spotted me coffee and cookies.

There was much giggling, as we were all loopy from the vigil. We told assorted hilarious stories. "Maybe they're out of blinker fluid!" will be, from now on, the snarky comment applied to vehicles not using their turn signals. I rehashed the "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" incident for V and the new chick. V rehashed her radio newsreader stories for the edification of the group, the most hilarious of them involving a co-worker's simulated wanking climaxing in a spurt of whipped cream.

That, of course, was apropos of the large amount of whipped cream around. easalle and I had gotten whipped cream on our coffee. I attempted to tie the cherry stem in a knot while giggling. Failure! I almost snorted the cherry stem out my nose instead. Evidently people consider me in danger of choking and dying when I laugh too hard, even if I'm perfectly fine.

Josh-the-waiter delayed the delivery of my cookies because he was contemplating what he wanted to do to them. He eventually brought me this great huge bowl with the cookies in it, and two (?) scoops of ice cream, a whole pantload of whipped cream, drizzled with chocolate, and with three cherries on top. V and I shared the monstrosity. We all tried to come up with names for it, each more innuendo-laden than the last.

Josh-the-waiter is our regular waiter. He was our waiter when we first started going there, and we've had a lot of fun with him. Recently, he attempted to quit; they begged for him to return, and return he did, and there was much rejoicing.

There was whipped cream. There was a lot of whipped cream. Scary things were done with the whipped cream, including me licking it from the spoon suggestively. Since I was tired and silly, I also hung the spoon from my nose; pretty soon, the entire table was wearing nose-spoons.

We had to tell Josh-the-waiter that there was no spoon. We had to. He walked off groaning.

It was excellent fun. On a sadder note, the other bellydancing chick was there at the usual time, and waited for a while before leaving, while we were still at the vigil. We missed her. It was a very impromptu thing... Also, V is going back East again for more housesitting/petsitting, so we won't be seeing her again for another month.

Everyone detangled our stuff from the back of the capacious vehicle, V sped off on her bike, and easalle gave the new chick and me lifts home. My rat-memory has the general area registered now, so finding again won't be a problem. We will hopefully have a new writing group regular! Hooray!

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