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Filter between brain and mouth

Since I type faster than I write, I can more effectively do my morning pages by making a private post on LJ. Selecting the little eye icon removes that filter between my brain and my mouth. There's no time to filter when I'm typing fast. There's plenty of time to filter when I'm writing by hand.

I got a really nice chunk this morning.

It occurs to me that my mornings with Darkside in the cafeteria were the verbal equivalent of morning pages. It really takes someone special to be able to speak like that to, going through the brainbabble to find the good stuff. (There are a few topics I don't feel entirely sanguine about letting him have pure unfiltered access to, but those are mainly for his sake. He's not comfortable with the pure raw unfiltered emotion, and I don't expect him to be, and some of the > PG-13 thoughts he likewise wouldn't want to go through without heavy warning. ) It keeps dawning on me over and over just how lucky I am...

But yeah, now that I'm not having that five days a week, I really need to do just that much braindump, though it won't have quite the same feedback.

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