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Got put on the phones today on the one study, panel. Friendly Geek Super told me to use my sexy voice on them, because that really works to get me surveys. (I have a sexy voice at work? Evidently.) I told Friendly Geek Super (I really need to find a better nickname for him, and I haven't the foggiest what I've called him in the past) that I had an unhappy throat and might want to be taken off Panel and put on Replacements, because Panel is constant talking, and I wasn't sure how my throat could handle that. He was understanding; I decided to try it and see how it went, and would tell him the instant it got too rough.

No sooner had I logged in and gotten properly started, though, when Old Lady Monitor came up and yanked me -- they'd wanted me to monitor today, they were told they couldn't have me, they picked someone else, and then she didn't come in. So I wound up monitoring anyway.

It's very nice to be so wanted that departments argue over who gets you.

So I monitored today, which was much easier on my strained throat. However, I got done monitoring my assigned people early, so the Old Lady put me on validation -- calling back a certain percentage of the households surveyed for each job and checking a few questions to make sure that not only did the interviewer speak to someone in the household, but that the answers got put into the computer correctly.

That was talking, but it wasn't like survey-talking, which is more exhaustive and exhausting. I managed to burn through all the day's validations on all the jobs I was qualified to validate, and the Rules Lawyer Monitor got the validations on the jobs I wasn't qualified to validate. The Rules Lawyer Monitor came in to see if I had any other things left to do by the time I was halfway through validating that one long obnoxious survey (MVM sucks donkey balls for everyone but me, evidently; I'm one of the ones who's good at it...) but I was already all done with everything but that.

All the other jobs I'd gotten done in either half an hour or fifteen minutes each. Evidently getting five validations on $ISSUE_SIDE_JOB is like pulling teeth from a pissy and unsedated feline (without leather gauntlets or other protective gear), but I managed it in 30 minutes because a) I am good, and b) it was a weekend, and both people that we'd have to speak to were home.

But then, I wound up getting 16 validations in 75 minutes for evil MVM, which is not at all bad. I might have gotten them more quickly had not two assorted ladies tried to talk my ear off, but that's the price of calling up and identifying oneself as a supervisor, though technically the job title is QA Monitor. It's amusingly impressive, the imagined clout that a job title gives.

I got done with that just before everyone went home, so I had little more to do than clean up. The Old Lady Monitor summoned me from the middle of sharpening pencils to share the e-mail she'd gotten from the Elder Geek on my bug identification and his fix for it. I'd already gotten a printout from Friday's Shift Ops Super. I let the Old Lady Monitor know that I was reviewing the Elder Geek's fix to make sure it wouldn't cause any problems for us, but as far as I knew, I thought it wouldn't.

Someone (one of the supervisors who hasn't got a cute nickname yet) had crashed the dialer, just as everyone was leaving (or after everyone had left), and the Shift Ops Super (the same one as on Friday) was giving the house a round cussing out. It was very enlightening to see all the supervisors clustered in the corner around the computers looking somewhere between subdued and amused. No one was to touch anything until helpdesk called back...

There was banter between Rev. Nice Super and the guy who crashed the dialer (hmm, shall he be Dialer Crashy Super for the moment?) and/or the Nice Geek Super about who got to send off the obligatory e-mail over the crashy. It took the form of the sort of argument that wouldn't be out of place on a playground.


I'm starting to really, really, really like my job.

Now, I've got to get some sleep so I'll still love my job in the morning... ;)

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