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This is the cat that ate the canary.

Sekrit Message to amberite (and iroshi, among others), very cryptic:

So just when I thought things were going smoothly as planned, they took a detour, down a "We could have seen this coming but somehow I didn't" path that's been traveled down before, but this time without fear, without regret, without shame, without frustration. (tyrantmouth, you got an earful of that frustration last time, the "angstwanker" business...)

Viewpoints were explained. Hurts were healed. There was nothing new -- just love and trust and everything that had come before revisited, explained, and refreshed. Now, instead of counting the calendar until mid-April when my vow releases me (to do self-destructive relationship things or not as I wish) I retain contentment and serenity -- and my Word. Nothing new.

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