Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Girly Stuff

I found my dark purple lipstick today, and wore it to work. I have sparkly lip gloss (Strawberry Garnet Glaze). I normally wear that. Sometimes I wear that with other things. That looks really cool.

I found one of my old necklaces also. This is the lovely little glass heart, the one with the pretty little roses. I bought it with a purpose, and after I bought it, I asked the person I trusted most in the entire world to please place the ornament about my neck for me. It's a symbol of faith, not in the gods, but in myself, and my own true will.

I should probably get my camera up and running again so that I can take a properly lovely Hair Shot so I can have a proper icon to use on all my fluffy girly stuff posts. There will probably be more of those forthcoming, because I think Marah and Naomi are teaming up.

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