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Dreams: neighbors, intuition, and the Great Weird Kidnapping Stunt

I dreamed that I was either my neighbor from back home (the woman who lived down-the-hill, only not quite) or someone intended to be something like her, and I was recounting the tale of how I'd moved. I'd been suddenly struck by intuition that I needed to get out of there fast, see, and then I was driving and picking up everything I had and going as fast as I could because I knew someone was after me.

That faded into the process of moving back in to my parents' house, and sorting out laundry and dealing with scooping a full catbox. (This was actually the house of my real parents, and my real parents were there.)

Somehow or other, that turned into something completely different, involving a girl who was in a large town for the first time, and a slightly alien girl, at that, and she was going about town and trying to find some friends her own age. At first I was me-ish, the lady who was suspicious that was trying to deal with her, but then at some point I switched perspectives. The friends thing did not go so well when the bad guys got there, because they took her and held her for ransom. They were broadcasting a demand from a little jury-rigged radio set up to look as if it were broadcasting from a different location than where the guy was actually sitting (and it wasn't much of a hoax, as the locations were maybe 6 feet apart).

I (I was definitely the girl at this point) saw my dad's plane coming in, and it landed in front of the tinted window (we were in an airport terminal, and my dad had a little bush plane) (Note: for this dream, "my dad" was not my actual dad.) and people got out. My dad walked over to the other window well away from where the bad guys were at, cut a hole in the glass, looked in and looked around, then got back in the plane (I-the-dreamer zipped out to follow his perspective) and taxiied off and around a bend, then taxiied into the window that he'd previously weakened, shattering it (and crumpling the nose of the plane a little) so he could barge in. Oddly enough, he was played by the Governator.

And then I think I woke up.

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