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Sanity checks

As much as marxdarx and I sometimes aggravate each other, there is one crucial thing we do for each other. When we're having one-on-one time, we can cross-check each other on everything from esoteric theory to household operations. This is invaluable. A household of three primary members where communication is passed through a central member to the two end members can destabilize, not to mention, there isn't as much communications diversity, and the two end members won't have an opportunity to communicate on projects that the middle member has no interest in.

This evening, I stripped wire for marxdarx, accomplishing in under a minute what he takes an hour to do. (I used pliers and a good solid yank. He used a slicer-tool and a lot of time and patience. I was immediately dubbed his official stripper.) We compared notes on Clover's husband the Fearless Leader: I can't stand him because he comes off as an arrogant prick; Marx, having gotten the opportunity to know him better, reports that this is quite a bit in part because he's self-confident because he does know all the things he thinks he knows. I had my suspicions confirmed on a piece of ancient history. We vented frustration together at the difficulty of getting a wiggly eight-year-old boy to sit still long enough to read aloud for fifteen minutes at a time. (Maybe I'll have a chance to help out with that, maybe not.)

He was my co-pilot tonight on the dinner run and the shopping excursion to get banana bread ingredients and other minor household necessities. I still drive better with someone else along to make sure I haven't missed anything, especially when I drive at night. It was nice. He was running on automatic, because we were out late, but we both got safely home with all the groceries and household supplies.

Hooray for sanity checks.

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