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Phone Messages

Picked up the phone this evening when it rang. It was someone wanting to speak to Sis.

"She's not available right now, can I take a message?" I asked, smoothly and professionally.

"Yes, tell her to call $MALE_NAME," the guy said, managing to convey that it was not optional that I do the telling, and not optional that Sis do the calling back, immediately when she became available.

"Which $MALE_NAME?" I asked, understandably confused. There are at least two of them in current contact with the household: "The" $MALE_NAME (Fearless Leader), and then Whiny Pudgy Pagan Geekboy, along with gods know which other strays Sis may have picked up.

"You know which one," the unidentifiable male told me, still with that obnoxious snotty tone in his voice.

"Actually, no," I said, still with the professional on my voice, but gaining a sharp edge that those who know me know not to fuck with. "There are at least two $MALE_NAMEs that she knows."

At this point he decided to actually identify himself, as the Whiny Pudgy Pagan Geekboy (for certain values of "boy" where "boy" > 30 chronological years), and further commented that I had to know who he was, because he'd visited a few times. (He has. I haven't been impressed.)

We got off the phone quickly. marxdarx, who'd been late grabbing the phone, wanted to know who it had been.

"$MALE_NAME," I said.

"Which one?" he asked.


Sis got home zonked from work, and then we went out to run errands -- I don't think either of us has remembered to tell her that Mr. Obnoxious Whiny Pudgy Pagan Geekboy called. Not that that'll make much of a difference in her callback timing.

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