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Walking Wednesday and Thursday

Walking Wednesday: 27 minutes or so-ish, plus some untimed stuff, which was long enough to push me over the top.

Thursday: 9-ish minutes with the laundry, 15-ish minutes getting to writing group (and then I left the stopwatch on after getting inside), and 8 minutes getting home. That's over my 30, and then there was the 5 minutes working on the arms before heading out. Hooray, arm strength?

See, in addition to my walking, I'm plotting to start working on my upper body as well. And that means things like devoting just as much time per week to honing that. My legs are getting decently and somewhat visibly toned, which leaves the rest of the body in sharp contrast.

I have some motivation, even if it is just the unexpected kind words and understanding from one of the last people on Earth I would have thought would have input on this.

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