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I was in a place that owed more of its description to Alaska. There were two priestess types, and I was one of them, and we kept being kidnapped by the bad guys and taken to their stronghold (which was cross between a spaceship and FatherSir's blue truck) and each time, my companion was able to read the stars to get the smartass answer she needed, and each time, they were more successful at blocking off the window. After they threatened us, they would release us.

The last time, they captured only me. The window was entirely blocked; I could not see the stars. I tried to reach out for them with my mind; I tried to send a telepathic message through my bond to my other half. (Ro? Do one's partners get used to us going a little weird in dreams?) I didn't get any bounceback, so I didn't know if I'd succeeded.

They released me, or I got out. When I was outside the vehicle, I searched about for an easy means to harmlessly disable it for a while, and ended up pulling a strip of metal out of the front bumper. The bumper fell off. Evidently that was "disabled" enough, because I was fairly sure that they wouldn't go anywhere with the front bumper off. (I think the license plate was on it, IRL, actually, and since you have to have both in Alaska, they couldn't have without risking getting pulled over. So my brain-logic was sound in the dream, though I do remember meta-wondering why I thought that was disabling the vehicle. Now I know.) I tossed the strip of metal in the back. This was, after all, my father's vehicle, and I didn't want to actually harm it (plus, I don't know enough about engines to be able to pull parts out and disable it, though I suppose if I was to be doing that, just annoyingly making things nonfunctional, I could have pulled all the fuses out of the fuse box.)

Saw that Tay-tay's horse was pastured in the Scott Wheat Memorial Soccer Fields. The horse hadn't been ridden much, and looked like a plump grey cat.

There was also weirdness with anime releases and walking on water.

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