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Day: laziness, DeLUG, laundry.

Wednesdays are my true Days Off. Today I lounged about templeravenmoon in pajamas. I read e-mail, read LJ, and read Tanya Huff's No Quarter. I chatted with people. I entertained myself.

At seven was the DeVry Linux Users Group meeting. There was going to be a demonstration on using the Common Unix Printing System, but when the local David went to set up the ancient printer and his laptop, he found that he was short a USB cable to connect the one to the other. Ooops.

Things were therefore somewhat slow starting up. There was commentary on local Linux-related events. My big bro ralmathon showed up. Finally, the guy who was randomly up to something all the time came back with a USB cable. The printing system demonstration was underway -- though there were three false starts at actually doing it. Halfway through, while people were peering at configuration files in some confusion, the printer spat out a blank page on general principle. Trying to configure CUPS on DeLUG David's OS X required a login and password that evidently didn't want to log; trying it on someone else's PHLAK disk didn't work, since access to localhost was denied; another Linux-onna-disk thing finally made it work. There were many jokes, some of them slightly off-color.

The gender distribution in the room was a little skewed, since there were fewer than ten other Linux users present besides me.

The Dell laptop of the fellow whose PHLAK disk it had been made disturbing noises with the CD drive, or so DeLUG David reported. (Yes, godai, another one -- I don't think I shall collect this one as thoroughly as I've collected some, however.) Evidently this is a common fault with Dell laptop CD drives; pushing them more tightly into the bay will stop the alarming vibration. (The lock on my CD drive bay is missing; the bottom of my laptop was manhandled, and the lock scraped off. Now, if I really wanted to (and trust me, I do not) I could pull the CD drive out while it was in vigorous motion.)

Once an appropriate OS was found, the demonstration worked beautifully, except that the printer was out of ink, and only thought it was printing. Jokes were made at its expense. It did not mind.

Someone mentioned a beautiful hack where someone had gotten into a printer's nitty-gritty and had replaced the printer test page with something almost, but not entirely, unlike what had been there before. Someone eventually noticed that the HP printer was spitting out Epson test pages...

The meeting let out about a half hour early. ralmathon could not come over and hang out, as he works early tomorrow. Bah. I went home and procrastinated before starting in on my laundry. Consequently, my laundry has approximately fifteen minutes remaining before I should retrieve it.

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