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Life, Friday and Saturday: work, death of a hard drive, shopping, games, and debauchery

Monitored on Friday. Crashed a little too late, as I was Awake and computing. Woke up in the middle of the night with cats whining. Was up as well because I'd had salty stuff for supper, and that made my sleep evil and dehydrated.

Monitored today too. It was a short shift, and I'd only been assigned ten people -- and the Cute Chick Monitor and I had doubled up on five of them. Five people is two hours' work. I helped the other cute chick monitor re-do some of the $ISSUE_SIDE_JOB people, and there were some bad moments with people doing what they really oughtn't to do.

On break, Figment let me know that his commentary on Friday had been warning me to be careful lest I set up a new bond. This was a nice thought on his part, but scarcely relevant, as I am currently conditioned against that, and furthermore disinclined to start up anything new with the system in the delicate/stable balance it's in now. I was petting a co-worker, see...

We went home early. We are supposed to go home at 4:30. I went home at 1:30.

I came home to a scene of utter devastation -- the door to the other bedroom was shut, and the Little Fayoumis gravely told me that marxdarx was upset about his computer. I thanked him for the warning, and was therefore not entirely surprised when the other adult members of the household came marching out of the bedroom to a funeral beat, telling me about the death of marxdarx's computer's hard drive.

He'd been casemodding in some way, and knocked over the case, and something happened, and evidently when he caught it and tipped it upright again, the power coupling that had come uncoupled from his hard drive recoupled -- and did it wrong. There were sparks, and a smell of smoke, and when he tried plugging it in and turning it on, there was no hard drive to be found.

Bad, bad juju.

As Sis was soothing his troubled brow and telling him that we'd get through this, we'd make it -- I piped up with an interruption. So how about me getting a new one? Hard drives are running about a dollar a gig now.

Sis scoped out stuff online, and found that Fry's Electronics had the best hard drive deals. So we went there. I was driving. I got a little lane-lost, and we wound up in a deserted parking lot. Sis took over, and we went the rest of the way to Fry's without real incident.

We found a nice 120 gig hard drive for $80 (before rebate). Glee! We dropped that off at home and Sis took us out to dinner.

The Little Fayoumis was lagging and overheated. Time inside the cool resturant perked him up, though. We hung out at home for a while. Sis's mom called and told us about the Goodwill sale that was going on -- half off everything. Today. Today only.

Sis was revived enough to drive again, then, and we zoomed out, bribing the Little Fayoumis to stay behind with promises of PlayStation fun. We sharked about, bargain-hunting. I found three plates to match my growing dish set of black octagonal dishes. I found cute shoes to go with my eventual "business casual" outfit, hee.

I found, also, a very nice nightstand/dresser, a cute short two-drawer piece of solid furniture, one that would fit perfectly somewhere in the Room of Doom. To my distress, however, it was clearly marked with three distinct pricetags. Bah! Sis suggested flagging down a person, and a person I eventually flagged down, and explained the dilemma. She frowned and flagged down someone else, who tracked down the correct price sticker. $19.99. Even at half-price, that was steep for my budget. I frowned, trailed my fingers over the splintery bits on top reflectively, and began methodically testing the sturdiness.

The fellow -- a customer service manager, as he was prompt to inform me -- caught my indecision. "But I don't see why it's marked that high," he smoothly said. "I think it should probably go for $9.99. Hold on." He disappeared through the employees-only doors at the back, and emerged with several stickers, which he plastered over the old price tags (all three different ones). So I decided on that, the three plates, and the shoes.

Of course, up front it transpired that I had left my wallet at home, so Sis had to get my stuff as well as hers, and I paid her back at home. (She handed the ten back and told me to get laundry quarters.) She had gotten some random stuff including the board game Othello, which is my absolute all-time favorite. I settled down playing that with the Little Fayoumis, who had never played it before. I did a half-decent job of explaining the rules, and we angsted our way through a round, with both of us pouncing gleefully, and him ranting semi-coherently (imagine an eight-year-old channelling Homer Simpson) until we ran out of legal moves. There were only four unoccupied squares. Black possessed 33 squares; white 27. The Little Fayoumis won! He was delighted, and was all for another round, but I had to call off for bedtime.

I got my new furniture tentatively settled. I really need to pack up books and send them back to my parents' house for storage, because half of the ones here I don't read or use often enough to justify having my own copies about in my very limited storage space. I also need to free up some of my Top Closet Shelf.

Those honored few who have been in my room know about the Top Closet Shelf. On the one side are the varied intoxicants -- I have a literal small bar's worth of booze. I forsee that when I have my own set of kitchen cabinets, most of those are going to go into the topmost cabinets above the refrigerator, the ones that are difficult to get to and seldom used, because I do not do much at all with my booze, except on holidays and occasions where I feel it's safe to get slightly buzzed.

Tonight, I decided to indulge in half a strawberry wine cooler. Thus, I am Tipsy. I shall drink water, lay out breakfast and lunch for tomorrow, and then go BOOM! and crash in my little bed with my little cat. Hooray!

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