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Scent Moods

Most of my "perverse, decadent, and smug" comes from imagining the scents from the Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, link courtesy of pharminatrix. Mmm.

I want to, when I have the spare change (and I'm in yet another phase of the Chronically Broke, this one due to starting up a savings account so that I'll have the money when I need it rather than getting shinies when I see shinies) get some of their samples so that I can decide what yumminess I want to buy from them, because they look like they've got the good stuff, and I need some of those oils.

I want to try all the musks, I need some orange blossom (that's one of my scents...) ... mmm. Mmm. And the love potions. Mmmm.

I still want to make my Spiced Peach Tart perfume as well. That's one of the blends I contemplated while in the car with Aunt-Fayoumis driving to the family reunion. Inspired by lmbujold, concocted by the mind of the Lunatic, it would theoretically have scents of peach, cinnamon, perhaps ginger and clove. Hooray, spiced peach tart!

Now I'm hungry. I want to make some spiced peach tarts for tomorrow, after I get home from work. We only have canned peaches, alas -- but that's enough to work with, though I'm sure tygerr might disagree...

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