Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Whee, shopping!

Azzie's Sis and I went shopping. It was with my money, so I got to pick out stuff. And I had to be responsible because we don't get paid for another one week and five days, and the rest of the money is supposed to be for rent and for saving.

And we saw horses when we were driving home. And Azzie's sis and I talked about horses. Mrs. B. (the one who was in the car accident) had this palomino stud and he was the one who cribbed, I remember. And she was talking about palomino studs, the one who was a pain. And I talked about Oaf, who is a gelding and not a pain. And Azzie was rolling her eyes inside and telling me that I was talking about horses and that I would stop liking horses when I started liking boys. But I won't start liking boys. That's boring.

And Azzie says I shouldn't say "asshole".

And I want a shredder. And I want a printer.

Azzie says our face looks different when it's me out.


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