Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Dreams: Call Center Hell

Dreamed I was in a call center, and Mr. Shallow was about. For whatever reason, Mr. Shallow and I wound up utterly naked, and inadvertently violated the terms of my year. Yikes. I was not happy about that, though it felt soo, soooooo good.

There was something about babysitting, and bags of meat scraps, and not cleaning up, and cutting the tops off the metal bars. Mr. Shallow and I escaped and hid in his apartment or car, and someone was after us, and transfigured us into something?

It was an odd dream, and I'm very relieved that the year was not actually violated, and I have gotten the warning to be very, very careful.

I also could be falling in love, but that's a) only natural, b) somewhat redundant, and c) approved of by my senior bondmate, d) not likely to cause problems.

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