Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Lazy Lunatic Day

For a generally lazy day, I got a lot accomplished. I woke up, played on the computer a bit, then headed out. Before I got entirely out, though, I managed to get in some situps and my arm routine. I slipped stuff in the mail just as the postal worker was getting out of her van.

I went and gave plasma, and while doing that, read the BBC news on my palmtop. The movie of the day was Drum Line, which is fantastically boring to most people, but I have enough Inner Band Geek to really appreciate it.

After plasma, I went straight to the library on the bus and dumped off my old selection of books. Hooray, bus; hooray, library.

When I got home, there was no untoward howling. I zonked out and finished Tears of the Giraffe after chatting with my junior bondmate for a bit.

I called Dawn, and we finally got some words in edgewise. She's a sweetheart. I've been leaving her random voicemails, so she does get updated on the crucial stuff.

marxdarx's mom called. (Am I ever going to get used to that little window that pops up in Semagic for username entry now? I can't find the option to turn it off.) I vegged. I started some onion-dill bread in the bread machine. I chatted with pharminatrix and told chicken stories. (Chickens are really interesting pets. They're also insane.)

marxdarx and I went shopping, after that. He's my usual after-hours co-pilot. I don't like driving alone since I'm not used to driving anymore, and at any rate, he has the other set of keys. I think I'd drive the car a lot more if I had my own set of keys, but I don't. I may well get used to Phoenix driving, but only after I've logged a lot more time just getting used to the mechanics of driving again. Nearly four years without driving is a long time to go.

Shopping yielded useful things like meat-and-potato hash and soup, and not-so-useful things like a vivid blue pumpkin treat bucket with a Lunatic jack-o-lantern grin (with sharp teeth). The Cunning Agenda for tomorrow has a shopping expedition for more chicken bits written all over it in the afternoon once Sis gets home.

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