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Better... and writing fun.

Decided to waste my time doing some more cleaning in the kitchen. I perfunctorily wiped down the stove, and used the shredded sponge to wipe up spots on the kitchen floor before throwing it out. That's the life cycle of sink sponges -- you use them to wipe the floor before you throw them out.

Typed up the written bits of my vision of the Ugly Duckling, which also has Beauty & Beast elements mixed in, though I haven't gotten there yet.

I'm now working on typing up the outline for Tales from the Cutting-Room Floor, which will be my National Novel Writing Month project. Ben and some of his problems and exploits are like a malicious combination of pyrogenic and good ol' Shawn, though I anticipate that he will develop a personality entirely his own throughout the month of November. Characters tend to do that.

What I want right now is isolated elements of embarrassment. Not entire embarrassing stories, but random solo events that could contribute to a humiliation so thorough and complete that even if you were the staunchest of Memory Integrity advocates, you'd want to wipe the incident from your brain utterly.

Examples include being walked in on in the bathroom by the opposite gender, barfing on one's true love, getting utterly lost, being seen unintentionally near-naked in public, and the like. (These are already used in scenarios for the book.) What else is there to add? I am cruel to these people, so very, very cruel...

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