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Action Lunatic (sheep time)

Snagged this from cadhla and ataniell93. It's also good as a character exercise (hint, hint, easalle!)
Go to the toy aisle of any store. All the dolls (or "action figures") come packaged with one or two "accessories." Barbie has her purse, The Hulk has a big rock, Space Ghost has little cards and a desk. If someone were to go to the toy store and buy a YOU [or Your Character] action figure, which one or two little objects would be in your package with you? Furthermore, what outfit would you be wearing, and what action would you perform when they pressed the little lever on your back?

The Work Lunatic is dressed in black slacks and a long-sleeved black shirt, with her hair held neatly back out of her face with a headband. The phone headset is permanently attached; any attempt to remove it will also result in the removal of a lot of the Lunatic's long, wavy, dark brown hair. In addition to the standard Lunatic accessories of watch and silver star pendant necklace, the Work Lunatic also has a pen, some paper forms, and a huge plastic cup that can be filled with real water! When you push the action lever, the Lunatic's hands move in a typing motion. The talk button next to the action lever will make the Lunatic say one of two phrases: "We're not selling anything," or, "I can't believe you just said that! Minus!"

The Work Lunatic Playset comes with a small desk, an office chair (careful when adjusting it, or your Lunatic will crash into the computer), a computer and monitor, a telephone, a tape recorder, and several tapes.

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