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Maintaining the balance of Whee! and Argh!: work

Monitored today. Shared a room, which is often an inconvenience, but I was sharing it with the nice lady.

There was utter computer cluelessness about. There have been a few changes made to the online ASP pages we're using, and given that I'm the local geek, I was running about here and there for a little bit. The auto-print and auto-close scripts have been disabled, which is no biggie to a geex0r, but is rather scary for the computer-uninitated. I had to help the nice lady monitor (I know I had a nickname for her once upon a time, but it's lost to the depths of time) and the Old Lady Monitor with things. I like being the computery one about. It makes me happy.

There was a meeting today, which I missed. It was announced on Tuesday, and I took Tuesday off, and I had Wednesday and Thursday off as well. *sigh* A lot of us missed it because of the short notice. I am thinking that perhaps the informing process on the monitor meetings will be changed? Honestly, I sometimes go a week without monitoring, and if a monitor meeting is announced in that week, I may not hear about it, because I don't see the insides of the monitor rooms unless I'm monitoring, and I don't get an opportunity to check my e-mail unless I'm monitoring. (And this meeting didn't get an e-mail announcement, either.)

It was a reasonably productive day. The Nice Lady Monitor (the Trader Joe's Bitch Monitor?) and I had fun cackling with each other; we were still productive despite that. I've been getting around 5 an hour in general. I got that today, even with checking e-mail, running and helping with computer woes, and wandering off to consult with supervisors and get minus reports.

Figment tried to look evil on break. He's really cute, and if I were not twice bonded and with my queues full, and he were not married, I'd so be going after him, LDS or not.

I'm exhausted. Work kicked my ass, maybe because I was so damn busy all day. At first I was feeling so swamped. I had to do C to P on $ISSUE_SIDE_JOB, and finally tracked down the elusive Callback After Qualify Intro typo/inconsistency. Maybe it'll get fixed, finally?

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