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Potential Jury Fun

Standing, waiting. I was selected to interview for the jury of a criminal trial. I expect that I probably will not be selected for reasons of personal pre-existing bias. Turns out there are still triggers that involve That Idiot Shawn (in full blossom of idiocy) that make me react both strongly and badly.

Went through one of the most boring sessions of personal quizzing I've ever gone through. Some people had interesting responses, there were a few laughs, but the majority? Boooooo-ring.

Part of the sheer boredom is my headache. Part of the headache is probably low sleep; part of it is surely not as much water as I am wont to drink.

At least we're getting a recess. This is the first recess I've had since the 6th grade, and that was half my life ago.

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