Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Work and similar derangements

I was very tempted to call off work today, but I prevailed, and had a nice shift both monitoring and on the phones. I gave two regretful minuses, both of which were overturned.

One of them, I still think the phone goon should have known better; even though the phone goon didn't know better, the computer was misprogrammed, and didn't screen quite properly.

One of them was a person who was doing a great job other than a little bit of technicality that I was somewhat on the wrong side of. Pink Shirt Guy Shift Ops Super came in and discussed that one with me, and I learned that it was in fact Good Survey Practice, so I delightedly said that in fact that should be a plus instead of a minus, and in fact this plus over *here* should be changed to a star.

Pink Shirt Guy Shift Ops Super was delighted too.

I got done with my people -- almost. I went on break after getting the 2nd monitoring session of a needs-further-assistance person done, and the C to P for the new job with the screening skip error (two birds, one monitoring session) with two more left to re-do. I came back, and neither of them were about. I checked in with the monitor in charge today; she told me to start cleaning up and tell her which booths it was so she could make sure they got done, and then I could go check in with the Seat Assignment Lady and see if she had any work for me.

There was work indeed. I got shuffled off to work on one of the professional surveys. It was nice being on the phones. I had a bright and happy tone of voice, and got three surveys in two hours, which is decent work, but hardly my best.

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