Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

More tech smackity: troubleshooting webmail/palmtops

Figured out that the problem where I'm logged out of my webmail unexpectedly (which has lost me at least two e-mails to the Star Creche, both having to do with the probable functionality of an LJ community for same [extracurricular reading list only, a convenient aggregator in the community's friends page, very low-volume, and only seeing posts as new members arrive/get LJs]) has to do with my palmtop's communicating with same service. Post hoc ergo propter hoc only, of course, but ... there are some things that are coincidence, and there are some things that are not.

This is not, in my judgement, coincidence. Especially not after I've downloaded a new version of the sync-up software.

I love being able to troubleshoot systems I'm using, even if the responsibility for the troubleshooting lies with someone else.

As I discussed with ralmathon over IM earlier tonight, I have gained a place in the departmental tech hierarchy at work. I'm now first tier tech support -- if a technical problem occurs and they can't get their brains around it, they get me. Then they go to the part-time geeks in the bullpen. If they can't get it, IT gets called. Before, the hierarchy was bullpen, then IT. Now they've got, however briefly, a once and future tech professional in their department, and they're taking advantage of that.

I can see ralmathon as being an Elder Geek, years from now. He just has to get into being a Junior Geek first, and work his way up. That's the problematic bit.

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