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Brand Loyalty (and the Lunatic's hair)

It takes a reasonable amount of effort to get the Lunatic to actually exhibit brand loyalty, versus a preference for one brand over another based on familiarity.

Today I finally had my preferred hair conditioner (Aussie Mega Conditioner) in the shower. I put on a small bit, and the brush slid right through the knots with ease, detangling instantly. With three times as much of the low-end brand, I still have knots, and Pantene isn't much better.

I like having long hair, but the stuff tangles so very easily, especially if I've been in my element for any extended length of time. (Wind loves my hair, and it makes my hair embrace itself tightly.) At this length, I'd started getting bad snarls. Then I went shopping, and all the knots left. Hooray!

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