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Work, and other assorted Lunacies

Monitored today. I jumped right in with both feet and didn't really lose the momentum until I got home. I was hyper beforehand, because of Thalia, and then I was hyper during because I was working very hard (the Rules Lawyer Monitor was surprised at my alarming efficiency) and then I was hyper on break (I almost made trystan_laryssa spew chips out her nose because of my timing in the slapping-BJ's-glasses-off thing) and then I did more work very hard.

I may have tracked down one of the causes of the elusive bang error. I got it again, and I wound up being able to salvage what there was of the monitoring session by printing out the unsaved but banged session and handing it over to the Young Hip Lady Shift Ops Super, who salvaged it by getting it in the system right. I ran a paper note over to the supervisor on the job, with the relevant details on what was going on and why it was so bad and the supervisor took care of that end of things.

I was still buzzing by the end of the list of the people I had to monitor. The Rules Lawyer Monitor had told me I should re-do some of the people on $ISSUE_SIDE_JOB, but they had all gone home by the time I was done with my people first. I think the Rules Lawyer Monitor was somewhat confounded by my energy -- there's a lot of it, and I'm one of the younger monitors, and I'm breezily efficient.

Today was my six month review, but before the Slightly Younger Old Lady Monitor (the one who isn't othercat's Nemsis's mother) could do that, I got to sit and watch while one of the would-be geeks set things up on my computer so that I could have -- a signature block. The right kind of signature block. O, the horror. It isn't as bad as the thing one of the Lounge Bunnehs posted the other day, but it was still very ... corporate. And long. I'd get chided by the Quote Pixie onlist if I were to post with that monstrosity. I read my e-mail (company-wide nagging from the higher-ups on sig block things) and sent off an e-mail to the Alpha Geek with what had happened with the bang, with copies sent to the lead monitor and the Young Hip Lady Shift Ops Super. We're supposed to report all needed changes to the data to the Alpha Geek, it's polite to include my boss, and the Young Hip Lady Shift Ops Super is involved in it by virtue of duplicating it under her login. I think I'm getting the hang of this e-mail thing (the business ettiquite of it).

My six month review went well. I'm doing an excellent job; keep up the good work; sign here. I had more to say about the online monitoring pages than the Slightly Younger Old Lady had to say about my work.

Eventually, home I went.

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