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Exhaustion, busy-work, and blankness

I didn't get half the sleep I needed last night, but I showed up at work bright and perky anyway, or, as perky as I could muster. I was fortunately monitoring today. I like monitoring, and I feel as if I'm getting to spend more time monitoring of late, rather than being on the phones. I approve. I'm not sure what the next point in the career/status ladder is, but there may be one. I understand from some of the commentary and seeing other people move from the monitor group, that supervisors are promoted from the monitors. Snarky Lady Monitor is a supervisor now, and I do miss working with her.

At work, we have to be actually doing something at all times, versus the old system where we would be waiting around after we got done monitoring people, waiting for the shift to end up. Then, we didn't get everyone monitored every day then, and now we're a little overstaffed to get everyone monitored for certain, rather than hit-and-miss.

We had five monitors working today, and not so many people working on the phones. I was the one who finished up and had really nothing left to do. I talked things over with the Old Lady Monitor and the day's scheduling supervisor, the Snarky Guy Super (he who notoriously explained why supervisors wear the badges, a moment captured by my infamous work cartoon), and opted to go home rather than go on the phones (zonked, and half-asleep... fortunately people were being good today). I cleaned up everything I could before going, of course, just to make things easier on everyone else.

I got lunch and headed home. I chatted with my bro for a bit. He was zonked too.

What have I done in the last week, since last Saturday afternoon? I'm coming up mostly blank. It really doesn't seem like a very eventful week, other than Thalia (whose current idea of "funny" is losing mouse capability after going to sleep; I'm very happy that I know how to navigate the screen via key commands, for the most part...) and all that...

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