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Best friends are for clobbering, and being clobbered by

Called Darkside for our weekly or twice-weekly chat. I came up an absolute blank on the week other than Thalia, though I didn't even remember to tell him what her name was. I will have to introduce him to both Eris Raven and Thalia, it is to be hoped sooner rather than later.

We chatted about our respective workplaces. We can take our hair down with each other. He teased me by pretending to use his Secret Jedi Powers to make me tell him what I wasn't saying; I would have told him, but I asked him if he really wanted to know. He probably didn't. (It was about the utter hotness of him when he's being all geeky.)

My poor dear should not be so bored at work.

At least he had fun with gaming.

So, yes.

Saturday night, I ordered Thalia.
Sunday, I had a very eventful day at work; we also went out for supper as a family, and investigated the oriental market on the corner of 35th & Dunlap.
Monday, I had jury duty, and was first enthralled and tearful at SpaceShipOne's feat, then royally bored, then exhausted and being an actual potential juror.
Tuesday, I worked: first monitoring, then on the phones.
Wednesday, I took it easy, alternated with jumping out of my skin waiting for Thalia.
Thursday, I got up early to bleed, then waited for Thalia, then went off to writing group, then spent all night up with Thalia.
Friday morning, I was up until 5 with Thalia, then slept, then worked.
Today, I didn't get enough sleep, and then I worked.

And that was my week. I couldn't remember either Monday or Tuesday, for some reason.

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