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Sis declared that she was eating ramen. This prompted a run to the store, where I procured ingredients for mythic foodstuffs such as meatloaf, chili, and lasagna, as well as the odd pot pie or two, and some major items of Bachelor Food for Sis to not have to cook for herself.

As I left, I set the menfolk to putting away the clean dishes. Hee. They were all put away when I got back. I was delighted, and now the dishwasher's full with dirty dishes again. I really need to start the thing before I go to bed.

Lasagna is going to be a new skill for me to acquire. I just made the meatloaf; it's going to need more ketchup.

Recipe for meatloaf, Lunatic-style:

Beef, ground. As lean as you want it.
Oatmeal. A couple handfuls in proportion to the meat.
Frozen mixed veggies.
Onion soup mix.

Mix. Bake. The meat and egg should hold the oatmeal and veggies in so it loafs rather than falling apart.

I don't tend to use conventional measurements when I'm making one of my toss-together recipies.

Lasagna's up next, in the big blue pan. I got noodles and ricotta cheese and spinach and all that. I remember watching Mama make it -- that surely makes me fit to make it myself, yes?

My big problem with lasagna when I was a kid was mostly the acidity of the tomato sauce mix. I did not eat spaghetti happily the first day, because the sauce was too acidic. I had it left-over, and I loved it, because it wasn't bad that way, and it didn't make my mouth and all rebel.

When there's room in the freezer, I'll make pie dough and cook up some random things to put in pies, then make little pies to freeze. The pseudo-pizza ones went over very well last time, and I got enough ground meat and mixed vegetables to make other random pie type things.

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