Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Amusements, simple (schedule)

From last Saturday's conversation:

Maniac: "So you're a seven-day worker?"
Lunatic: "No, I just don't have the weekends off. I have Wednesday and Thursday off."
Maniac: " . . . Weren't those the days I had off at my old job?"
Lunatic: "Yes. . . . It makes sense, actually. Thursday nights I have my writing group, and I do want to have two days off in a row, so the other day would have to be Wednesday or Friday, and Friday they count as a weekend, so I get paid $0.50 an hour more to work Friday."
Maniac: *raises eyebrow on the other end of the phone*
Lunatic: "And yes, if my best friend happened to want to hang out or something, I'd have the free time."
Maniac: *smugness and/or amusement*

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