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Thursday on the bus between the plasma place and the writing group, I held forth with a short oration about the fundamental principles of the States, and how the man on the bus was mistaken, and the US is not, in fact, a Christian nation: the nation was founded on the principle that government should not legislate according to any religion, and if he thought the Constitution said that the US is Christian, he should re-read said document.

I was getting into the motivation of the founding fathers when I hit my bus stop, and marched off still full of steam.

Friday at work we had auditors, and also pie. Lemon. Yum.

Saturday, today, I was on the phones at work.

I also called a certain Darkside. There were pun wars, talk of gaming, plans for holidays, and discussion of life in general. Never set the dad on fire. Darkside is The Good Example at work. Darkside needs to hack his name badge. *giggle* We each had some "Don't make me come over there and smack you for that pun" moments.

The Little Fayoumis and I played the shoe boxing/fencing game again. I showed him the digestive system in Sis's copy of Gray's Anatomy (which she keeps with the cookbooks). We tried playing hide-the-DVD, but that fell flat when it was my turn to hide it, and I gave him a hint, but he refused to even guess. Instead of playing along with that and getting into a big old fight about it, I stopped the game right there. He came after me, wanting to know what was up; I told him that he'd decided not to play, so I wasn't playing either. He started guessing from the hint there, and I was tempted to go ahead and play, but decided it was best to stick to my position; I went and retrieved the DVD and put it away and went into my room and didn't come out again for a while.

Kid's got to learn sometime.

Chatted with Evil Mick for a while. Tay-tay -- he's a dad now!! You remember Mike who was next to you in the alphabet in grade school? The one who was best friends with your ex-fiance, and hung out with Shawn and me and the guys? Him!!! He and his wife had a little girl. Holy shit, a kid my baby sister's age is a dad now. *is scared* *looks at girlfriend* Someone your age is a dad now. Um... *is more scared*

Keep in mind, I still think of "someone my little sister's age" as being someone who's nine or so, because my selfhood was firmly established around age eleven. The Little Fayoumis is eight now; in a year, he'll be the age I remember my little sister as being.

I had a long bath, and somewhere in the middle of it, I wound up doing what I must assume was some automatic singing -- somewhere between speaking in tongues (it sure wasn't in English) and automatic writing/drawing. It was very interesting, and might have had artistic merit were I able to reproduce it, which I am unlikely to be able to in the exact, but ought to be able to in general, at least for a while... though I wouldn't know if I'd want something so personal where anyone but a bondmate or covenmate could hear it.

I have the 30th and 31st off. W00t.

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