Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Sex for the innocent bystander

I was monitoring tonight. As a QA monitor in a survey research data-collection facility, I listen in to the phone lines of the nice (and naughty) phone goons, and I sniff their telnet sessions. I get tidy ten-minute slices of the workday lives of my co-workers.

Tonight I overheard something that made me hoot with laughter from my back room.

The Goon of the Moment called, and a woman, breathing heavily, answered the phone. The phone goon read his little script. The woman (who was still breathless) told him that she was a little busy right now, and he would have to call back later.

I wish I'd been able to dub that twenty to forty seconds, because it was priceless. Yes -- he'd interrupted her in some form of very personal moment. You had to have heard it. Either someone was a very good actor, or someone was very, very interrupted, though from the sound of it, the interruption was minimal, because whatever was going on was still going on...

Congratulations are due to the phone goon for neither fainting, giggling, nor freaking out. I'm lucky in the monitor rooms, because I can laugh over things like this.

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