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It was fun having V over here. Thalia was pulling double Muse duty, and we listened to random music. V got to see R.E.M. in concert on their most recent (current?) political group tour in Florida. She brought ice cream (Hagen Daas, yum -- chocolate chocolate chip and Rocky Road) and we shared and had a great time.

I really need to socialize more often.

V got a Gmail invitation from me, thus giving her half again as much storage space (yeah, her laptop's only got 2 gigs!) and delighting her no end. Whee!

She's coming by tomorrow to configure her palmtop to sych up to her laptop (and, possibly, to some online stuff as well). I'm a good geek to have as a friend, evidently. I told her what files not to mess with, the best way to uninstall stuff, and gave her a handy shortcut to the Control Panel where she can find it easily.

We'll see if everything stays where put. Her laptop is funky and very oldschool. It doesn't have blinkenlights -- it has an LCD status screen that tells when it's plugged in, when it's talking to the disk, and everything like that. I may actually look to see if I can't find that model sometime tomorrow.

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