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Ditching the Readers

Theoretically, I was going to go to the book group today. Instead, I ditched and went for the writers' group. I was happy to have done so, because it was a good crowd tonight.

New people, even.

V showed up late, but that was OK. We had fun. I got my new stuff from The Necromancer's Prayer read. Evidently I need to keep working on all my WIPs so my group members don't go mad.

It was a loud Coco's night. We're regulars, so we can get away with a lot. Tomorrow is easalle's birthday, so there was celebration. There were approximately three conversations going on at once at all times. I had Thalia out, and kept typing away on the book. I am driven right now, and expect to remain so for the forseeable future.

I drove V's car to writing group, despite the rain and bad traffic and all. I am l33t. She had to dash off to run errands (dogsit/catsit, etc) so was therefore late after the dropping off of me.

Josh was our server tonight, after much of our schedules not meshing. Glee! After a request for more creamer, he brought out an entire pitcher full of the little creamer cups. I missed some of the play, but V wound up squirting one all over the one new girl's jean jacket. Jokes were made about it being a deadly weapon in her hands; I topped that with an evil pun: I picked up a salt shaker and held it out with a creamer: "Look: a salt with a deadly weapon." Josh took a creamer and an empty glass and asked us if we wanted to see what sex looked like from the inside. He thipped the creamer so that it exploded all over the inside of the glass. We howled.

I love these nights. We're all in for nanowrimo.

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