Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Shopping with V

V surprised me by calling and leaving a message, and e-mailing me for good measure, asking if I wanted to go on our shopping expedition to Sprouts today instead of tomorrow. I decided this was a good plan, and she showed up somewhat belatedly (having gotten entangled in a game of Solitaire or two). Off we went!

Sprouts is awesome. Imagine Trader Joe's tripled in size, with less quirk and more bulk dry foods, and you'd have something like it. Whee! V and I were ecstatic. I wound up bringing home rye flour, an onion, Jordan almonds (a newly discovered weakness), sour gummy worms (for the Little Fayoumis, who likes sour candy), a new baster, some Turkish-ground coffee, and some R.W. Knudsen Family kiwi-strawberry juice (another weakness, and far better than the Arizona Iced Tea kiwi-strawberry travesty that I was formerly enamoured of).

Sprouts has perfume. The good perfume oil type. Mmm. And for around $6 a reasonable-sized small bottle, too. I am highly tempted to get the new kind that I discovered I loved.

Hooray nifty things.

I also must someday introduce V and my Fayoumis-clan aunts Guide Dog Aunt and Aunt-Fayoumis, because V is quirky enough to be an honorary Fayoumis-clan person.

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