Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Halloween Princess

Called Darkside. The first time, I got the voicemail. The second time (after shopping with V) I got his mom. "It's the Halloween Princess," she called out as she was locating the Darkside in question.

Halloween Princess. I am guessing that this was because I'd left the message saying that I'd really like to know what Darkside's plans for Halloween weekend were, because I wanted to include him in our plans (which mostly involve hanging out). Evidently this part of Darkside's mom's sense of humor was inexplicable to Darkside. We wound up having an "Is too!" "Is not!" fight about something very, very silly. R2D2 came into it, and "Too times infinity!" "Not times infinity!" as well.

We really belong back in the 5th grade.

I unburdened myself about some of the things that have been stressing me in specific day-to-day life unrelated to him. I embrace the Lunatic persona, but there are some times that I just want to be myself, be normal, be not remarkable for my oddness. Is it that difficult for an average person to imagine someone even more far-out than I am? I'm reminded again of how the childhood mass media conditioning saturates this culture, and how someone who is either incidentally or deliberately isolated from that indoctrination, even partially, becomes inescapably alien.

I didn't think I was so alien that it's impossible for the average person to imagine someone more alien than me, but ... I guess we all have our limits.

Darkside is good at listening to things that come up from the depths, even if I can't articulate everything to him right then.

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