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Re-arrange, pull apart

Yet another iteration of "Let's shred the Lunatic's Room" is in progress.

The damage so far...

Currently, the Garb has been pulled out of the old printer box that was on the top shelf in my closet, and shoved into the bottom drawer of the new chest of drawers. My tohsk* was in that box too, and is in the same bottom drawer.

The old beat-up desk that was my altar has been cleared off and moved away from the West wall, and the new chest of drawers has been moved into its old place. The top has been loaded down with the essentials of my magicgeeking setup, mostly a stage to put candles on, and assorted elemental symbols, plus the Big-Ass Working off on the side.

The old desk has been hauled out into the living room. The desk that was out there has been hauled inside, and the wiggles stopped with two strategically placed nails and a huge glob of hot-glue (to keep the second nail from stabbing people). Thalia is now happily ensconced on top, and I can type without straining anything. I am happy. She is happy. We are happy. Happy boys and happy girls we'll be...

I took Odonata from on top of the Green Monstrosity and dumped it in the other bedroom. *sigh* It's got sentimental value. I'm going to miss it.

A large box of binders has gone in the closet where the Garb and the tohsk used to be. There is stuff scattered all over, but there is already more room in the room.

I interrupted the Cleaning with some Shopping. The Little Fayoumis needed a proper monitor for his computer. Maybe next he'll get a computer to fit the monitor. When your computer doesn't even rate a refurbished relatively small monitor, you've got one shitty system.

ralmathon has invoked his Elder Brother powers and has declared that I must wash my laundry, so I'm doing that (under some protest).

*Tohsk: Fam-trad ritual garb from this generation of the Fayoumis clan.

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