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Got lots of nice lovely sleep. Yay, sleep.

Cleaned out the fridge some, identifying some of the nasty things in boxes in corners. The hash went off. Lots of things were thrown out, making for room and dishes. I got ahead on the dishes, so the washer's currently in dirty-filling-up, and has been like this all day, with nothing on the counter and sinks, practically. Go, me.

Pink Shirt Guy Shift Ops Super has decreed that everyone should be in line by five 'til, so I decreed that I should leave 15 minutes early for work. That worked well, today -- I got there early, and was in by 10 'til, and was all set up and ready to monitor at 5 after. If I get signed in 15 early, I'll be ready to go when shift starts. Woo me. Also, it's just a tad more time in my clock.

Monitored at work. It was going to be a shorter shift for me, but then suddenly I discovered that four of the new hires had been hidden off in a corner. I pointed this out to the monitor lead, who told me to go ahead and take them. Now, four new hires is a good hour and a half worth of work, and I started in on them at 7. I got done at 9 when they left. A lot of standard-issue newbie mistakes. I'm trying to give helpful feedback as well as nitpicky feedback, give good places where they can start improving.

After I got done with that, there was still a half-hour worth of cleanup to do. Then the Cute Chick Monitor snagged me to listen to some tapes (to be sent to client after screening for the finest) for Quiet Geek Super. Another half-hour burned. It was 10 after 10 before I finally staggered out, just barely over the punch-drunk and giggling line.

I'd have tried to entice Mr. Shallow to drop by and hang if I'd been more coherent, but I decided against it because I'm going to be up early tomorrow.

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