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Random Epiphanies: Grandma & V

V house-sits, pet-sits, and the like. She is a mature and stable person, and is sort of what you might get if you reached a halfway point between Aunt-Fayoumis and Guide Dog Aunt.

I wonder what would happen if she and the Fayoumis clan were to hit it off.

I wonder if it would be within her capabilities and willingness, and within the California branch of the Fayoumis clan's happiness, for her to be a roommate for Grandma or something.

Grandma is 80+, in uncertain health, but theoretically is capable of living on her own (according to her). She has a nurse who comes in and checks up on her and her meds several times a week. She is frail, of limited mobility, and diabetic. She also has a strong helping of the Fayoumis clan sheer cussedness and determination.

In an ideal world, Grandma would have her kids living in the same neighborhood, if not the same house, and she would have family in and out on a daily basis to make sure the house was in good condition and she was fed properly and everything was in order.

This is not an ideal world. The various kids have been coming in shifts for a few weeks here and there, to make sure things are staying somewhat sane, but that's not doing what it needs to. Guide Dog Aunt attempted to hire someone to come in mornings and clean and all, but that did not go over at all well. One of Grandma's requirements, if not explicitly stated, was that the person needs to be able to speak English fluently. (Grandma's words are starting to go, and any language barrier is going to be twice as hard to overcome for her.)

V is about as close as you can get to a Fayoumis-clan person without actually being of the clan. I wonder...

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