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Floor Space

I have managed to move the disembodied drawers from the sturdy desk off my floor and into the desk itself, with the contents shuffled into my new dresser.

I have moved the two large plastic buckets of electronics bits under the desk.

I have moved the disembodied drawer off the table in the closet, the candles within into the dresser, and the drawer into the sturdy desk.

I have moved the plastic crate with crocheting, mending, and the pink fluffy socks from boojum onto the freed-up space on the table in the closet.

I have moved the cardboard box with the seasonal decorations into the nook in the rickety desk bottom.

I have moved all the spare purses, bags, and backpacks into the second from the bottom dresser drawer.

eris_raven has gotten in the way, rubbed herself against my feet, sprawled out on bits of fabric, and scattered herself over several quadrants of the living room, and furthermore moshed with golf balls disruptively.

There is floor space. I am intimidated by this, so I shall vacuum tomorrow.

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