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Writing Group Fun

I sort of went apenuts in writing group tonight -- not out of control, not unless you count the massive amount of material that I brought. I've been very busy writing in the past week, enough so that it took me around half an hour to share. With the writing group, at least, the people who are regulars, I have very little compunction about sharing anything my wacked brain comes up with. I got a lot of shudders at some of the spookier details of the novel. I really wasn't going for shudders, because my mind's taken the premises of the novel as a given and not really worried about them, but it was nice to think that people could be spooked by the laws of nature in this novel.

I really do have to track down a copy of On Writing somewhere: not only has cadhla pimped it, but tonight the general consensus of the group was that I am the Stephen King of the group. Erm... weird? I think I might rather be the lmbujold ... or maybe the Phillip K. Dick or Alfred Bester, hee...

We made up a giant nanowrimo progress chart that the women's center staff is going to hang up prominently. We'll be charting our progress. I can hardly wait to get started on the new book, or at least, I ought to -- right now, I can hardly wait to finish The Necromancer's Prayer. I know most of what happens, now -- things are winding down; I've already figured out the climax, which is coming right up, so there aren't many surprises left for me -- but I need to get it written out as soon as possible. And that's what I've been doing.

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