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41,200-some, up from 38,000-some at the start of freshstartwrite this evening.

I think I can do it. I think I may be even able to crack 100,000 this November, which is why I've joined easalle in the attempt to hit 100,000.

Seriously, this is establishing to me that I can too do this. I just have to treat it like my second job. Gods, I'm going to be whacked for time this month... my social life is going to be killed, which sucks in the presence of Actual Car, but ... my words are something that's just hitting me over the head with necessity.

I've been neglecting my actual writing for so long. LJ's an escape, a practice, a chronicle, but not my words. I need my words. I get high on this edge of focus. I also have to be careful with my caffeine; I had coffee at Coco's tonight, and I'm wired.

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