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Cat Nicknames

Multitasking on the phone with Darkside yesterday -- he was checking job possibility e-mails; I was petting my cat.

"At least you're not going 'oo my wittle schnookie-wookie...'" Some jokes involving a cat's skill at chess, and the likelihood (or not) of a cat ripping off one's arms when being a sore loser, followed. "So you wouldn't have to let the schnookie-wookie win."

He threw an exception, later, when I attempted to call him "schnookie-wookie."

This morning, Sis claims that I demonstrated that eris_raven is a one-person cat. She tried to pet Miss Raven, and little greyface backed up and gave her The Look. I called my kitling over by patting the bed next to me, and she snuggled up and got petted. Sis tried petting her, and she got The Look again, and once I stopped petting Eris, she bounced away as if propelled by springs.

Evidently this means that eris_raven is a one-person cat.

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