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And in the first 24 hours....

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Current situation: Beatrice is about to dive into Ben and Richard's closet, and Marianne will be tossed there on top of her. Post-sex grossness will abound, and media will be confiscated.

I'm enjoying the fact that since this is all about the torture of these poor characters, I can think, "Oh, they're scared that such and such will happen -- but I'd never do that to these poor lambs," and then I realize that since this is indeed about doing that to these poor lambs, and I don't have a fixed plot that going off-track into a This Can't Be Happening moment can screw up (my outlines are mere suggestions). Then I giggle in the most evil possible way, and I make bad things happen, worse than they imagined.

amberfox thinks I'm cruel and unusual.

After things calm down around here (fortunately, I don't have to go in early tomorrow) I'll start posting this in the community. Membership is at my descretion, and I'll probably only add those people I think of as potential betas anyway, but it doesn't hurt to ask if you'd seriously like to catch a glimpse of all the crazygonuts action. amberfox, iroshi, sithjawa, tyrantmouth, easalle -- you guys are definitely cool with me to read this nuttiness if you want to. swallowtayle, this is even more insane than my usual. Darkside, if you're reading this, you're more than welcome to get a freaking LJ so I can let you see the locked stuff.

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