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Tuesday Morning Errands

Woke up well before my alarm clock. Tried to go back to sleep. Failed my saving throw against wakefulness, got up anyway. Learned my polling place was open at 6 am, rather than 7 as I'd thought. Went early.

I stood in a reasonable line. Part of the difficulty with line length was staffing. The election officials at this polling place were obviously from the community -- not a one of them was a day under 60, and the person with the binder with the voter names and addresses was doing a lot of squinting and peering. (The polling place is in the office of the retirement community adjacent to my apartment complex.)

Black hoodie count: one.

Arizona uses the sensible machines -- paper ballot with pens and arrows to fill in the blanks, and an electronic scanner. The ballot had legitimately-spaced arrows -- I checked. I donated my ballpoint to the greater good, and left it in the voting booth on purpose.

After that, I headed out and gave plasma. I got there early. I went and stood with the nonsmokers (there's a specific guy who can't be around smoke if he's going to have his pulse low enough to donate). Just as I was teasing the guy in scrubs about the weather, a fellow with a large and smoky cigar came straight for the nonsmoker group. The heart rate nonsmoker, the guy in the scrubs, and I all scattered in different directions, well away from the guy with the cigar. The heart rate nonsmoker explained the situation to him from a distance. It was like human billiards. We reconvened after the cigar guy put the thing out. We were all amused.

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