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Election Stress

I worked damn near solid for close unto 5 hours. By the time I was done monitoring my people, everyone was starting to filter on home. The gang in the bullpen was redefining "hardly working" -- did I mention that those lucky stiffs get internet access out there? The only webpages in evidence, though, were plastered over with various shades of reds and blues, and tension mounted as voting scores mounted.

The supervisory contingent of my workplace, by and large, is very much against Bush.

I declared my intent to either go home and celebrate, or go home and get very, very drunk.

The election's hanging fire in Ohio, so the celebration and/or pity party must perforce be put on hold. That doesn't stop me from self-medicating with fanfic of dubious content, however.

I couldn't even write when I got home, that's how stressed-out this is making me. I do not think that Bush is good for this country or this world. I do not think the man is sane or stable. Like 'Song said, this is time to get the madman away from the big red shiny button.

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