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Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
8,027 / 100,000

Embarrassments are proceeding apace. I've been bouncing random weird ideas off late-night IM with amberfox and quillismightier as well, from time to time.

Plot is filling in the holes between the embarrassments, as was my cunning plan. I only created Richard as a foil for Ben. How was I to know that he'd start taking up love interest moments? Also, wardrobe malfunctions are funnier when they happen to other people.

The embarrassment thing is spreading -- it's not only our two principles who get it, but those surrounding them as well. Heh.

I'd hoped to be at 15,000 by now, but that's what days off are for. And I'm plotting to get to 12,000 by tomorrow sometime, where tomorrow == bedtime Thursday night, or maybe higher than that. 20,000, we are to hope. Word-crunching machine!

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