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I'm selfish enough to want to keep most of the creative process in my own space.

Thus, I report here, instead of elsewhere, that Beatrice is the first female protagonist of mine I've run into (in the past ten or so years) who was definitively straight. Rose is not straight and she knows it. Alia was fairly sexually undefined until she ran into her mate, who just so happened to be female. Beatrice is heterosexual, and won't ever fall for a girl, though some may hit on her (and embarrass her terribly, because that's the way of things).

It's odd, what we know, going into our characters' heads.

Beatrice is overlapping with rosalynde some in my headspace. Odd, that.

Now, I need sleep, before I crash out from sheer crashiness, and so I can get some sleep before freshstartwrite. I hope by the time we start up there, I'll have my 15,000-20,000. It may be a vain hope, but, I've written similar chunks before. I have lots of this in my head, and I just want to get the headspace right, you know?

I can't find Beatrice in the Before, nor Ben, but that's OK, because their templates are from the past. Harry's in the Before, unfortunately. So's Richard, I think. And Marianne.

There's a lot of Korman in this book. Imagine Gordon Korman, only with fouler language, and more adult situations. Gods.

Random trivia: Chickens do not have real butt-cheeks. They have a sort of unibutt. This is in no way related to the book, but it is a bit of interesting trivia, if one is interested in knowing about birds.

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