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"It's just that the time was wrong."

I think I've gone all fey; I went in scared of expressing myself as myself some years ago, and came out the other side with a simple general idea with a more complex implementation: What do you care what other people think? That was the principle I was raised on.

I'm pagan. I'm bisexual. I'm polyamorous. I'm multiple. I'm a writer. I'm a reader of slash fanfic. I've helped raise a child from age four to age eight.

(Incidentally, I think I've effectively communicated my anger and disgust for leaders that lie and wars based on lies to that child. "I'm mad that George W. Bush got elected for President again, because I think he does a bad job at being President. One of the reasons that he does a bad job at being President was because he lied, and now we're in a war because he lied. If we were in a war for some other reason, I would still be upset there was a war, but since he lied to get us in this war, that makes me really mad. I was hoping that John Kerry would get elected for President, because I think he would do a better job than George W. Bush. There are other people who would probably do the job better than John Kerry, but John Kerry had the best chance of beating George W. Bush." )

I know other people around me are starting to get afraid of breathing, starting to go underground, starting to cave to the fear of McCarthy-esque witch hunts. I'm not afraid of that. It's not the 'not-afraid' of 'I do not think this could happen', it's the not-afraid that says, "I would bet on my stubbornness and the like to withstand anything that could be thrown against me".

Live out loud. If you paint yourself gray to match the wallpaper if it's not a matter of true survival, you're letting them win.

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