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Work and stuff --

Monitored today. I'm getting more monitor time with more seniority, or something. That, and I do good work. (I feel like a /. moderator with no metamoderator. It's scary sometimes.) We had enough monitors today that three out of five monitor rooms had people doubled up. I was in with the Cute Chick Monitor, who'd forgotten her reading glasses today. (This gave her a headache, and when I was searching for the ibuprofen, I found that my tube of body glitter had sprung a leak. The fortuitous paper towels I'd left in the desk drawer the last time I was in that room were produced by the Cute Chick Monitor, and things were cleaned up.)

The Lady in the Office has started doing monitor schedules, which explains the new format -- instead of handwritten by the monitor shift lead, they're typed on a grid, and the assignments are based on the schedule (the theory) rather than on the actual floor seating chart (the reality). This means that when supervisors deviate from the schedule in making the seating chart (happens several times daily) then no one is assigned to monitor certain areas.

This can bite bigtime -- we're supposed to monitor 100% of the people out there, and new/extra-help people at least twice, and this makes it more difficult to assign responsibility. Evidenly yesterday was a bad day for the double-monitoring. I find that most of the "so and so wasn't monitored enough" days come on the days when I haven't been working.

Today a guy offered me a ride. A few days ago, a guy offered me a ride. I am sincerely boggled. The one a few days ago weirded me more, because of the attitude and timing. It was like he was lying in wait or something -- he saw me walking, drove into the parking lot, sat lurking in the parking lot, asked me if I wanted a ride, then when I didn't respond, tried verbally pressing the point. There was no mistake that this man's intentions were to get alone with me. The one today, at first I thought the guy was lost and was asking for directions. Evidently the vibe of "I want to help you" is very close to "I would appreciate some help".

There was a lot of busy today. It was nice monitoring with Cute Chick Monitor, even though my work-flow got messed up a little. I wound up staying late-ish.

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