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Work, day, things

Back on the phones today. Cute Short Chick Super grabbed me for $ISSUE_SIDE_JOB; I was briefly sitting right next to tomb_of_osiris until he got yanked for a different job. Cute Short Chick Super told me that I was her "top producer" on this job, and she wanted me permanently on the phones. *grin* It's nice to be wanted. I got 4 surveys and 3/4 of a page of Home Movies from the Cutting-Room Floor scribbled out. (Transcription and fill-out took a typed page and a half.)

It's a surreal day, mostly because I'm feeling fluffily insulated from the world by a layer of sleep-dep and caffiene. I had a small bottle of coffee product this morning, and I'll probably have more tomorrow. (Starbucks isn't coffee, just as American Cheese isn't cheese.)

Break was interesting -- I sat with Figment and tomb_of_osiris, and Figment's accounting degree came out to play. We talked about the checks and balances on Alan Greenspan and the Fed. I took a 15 minute break card, which was a good thing, because my brain had broken due to not enough sleep.

14,089 at the moment, up from a few hours earlier. Not up enough, though. But I need sleep, and I need to fetch my clean laundry. Outsourcing supper was a time-wise mistake. My meatloaf still kicks all kinds of ass, but I didn't feel like meatloaf. I'm getting into the silliness with costumery that I'd mapped out a few days ago.

I hope tomorrow I monitor?

(zanna_voodoo, I've just been clicking in the music field at the end of the artist name, doing shift-end and delete, and shipping it off. Easier than doing it entirely by hand.)

Exhaustion tastes like fear too.

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