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Word count and novel progress

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
15,011 / 100,000

Everything's set up for some asses to be kicked tomorrow. Richard and Bea have gotten into the gin, there are people in drag, Ben's making a big mistake, and Sarah's about to get really ticked off. Sally's about to get really ticked off too. Bea and Richard are ignoring their subtext, because they're too busy getting pissed.

trystan_laryssa tells me that the plot sounds very reminiscent of anime and manga. Heh.

I did laundry. The group of guys drinking beer asked me if I needed help with that. "Nah," I said, carrying it easily. "Oo, muscles," they said, or words to that effect. Tossing the large bag of laundry up into the air, catching it effortlessly, then carrying it the rest of the way home on top of my head really wasn't necessary, but it was satisfying. My cat is a cuddleslut; Darkside was out with "the guys". Gin doesn't taste half so nasty this time (a sip to determine the effects only, for research purposes), and my mouth didn't stay numb for long this time.

Heh, heh. All the threads of this plot are coming together. I even figured out what the "clock" is.

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